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The short answer is NO.

To avoid any scamming attempt, we HIGHLY recommend that you get in touch with us directly, either by phone email.

That’s actually a good question. After signing the listing contract with your favorite exchange and paying THEM the listing fees, your token will be live within 1 to 7 Days, depending on the used blockchain.

Binance, Kraken and most top tier exchanges have their own listing procedures that goes through intensive research and sometimes additional fees when listing fees apply. Thus unfortunately, we can not help you getting listed there, though would recommend you keep on BUILDING! Your project will be get there sooner or later.

We work with multiple European and Asian exchanges. The following are our partners: BW, BigOne, Probit, Biki, LBank and P2PB2B. We do have contact with Fatbtc, Vindax, Exrates and Coinsbit.

We are a small multinational Crypto-Enthusiasts division that is part of CryptoNews Lebanon’s team, Founded by Dr Jonida and Dr Peter Bou Dib. Our Founders are based in the heart of Europe, Berlin, and will be happy to personally answer your Business queries.