Coinsbit Exchange

Legit, secure, and reliable, Coinsbit was the best 2018 crypto exchange in 2019. Ranked Top 5 from CoinMarketCap, with over 370 million USD in daily trading volume, Coinsbit offers performance, reliability and security. If you are interested in listing your coin/token on Coinsbit or wish to setup an IEO, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Coinsbit is a legit, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. It was named the best 2018 crypto exchange at Asian Blockchain Life 2019. It plans on further distinguishing itself from the competition through a series of novel functions. Ranked Top 5 from CoinMarketCap, 6+ Million visitors every month and a daily trading volume of 370+ Million, Coinsbit offers to its users a high performance, reliable exchange platform and strong security.

Coinsbit is constantly developing and growing; offering to its users an Android-based mobile app, additional options such as Staking Pool, Coinsbit Code as well as P2P loans.



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